Mahdi Bray, Hypocrite.

Mahdi Bray says that Muslim leaders need to launch a counter-attack on recruiters for radical Islam who use the internet to express their extreme views. You know, like sympathizing with Islamic terrorists like al-Qaeda, HAMAS, and Hezbollah. Oh, here’s a video of Mahdi Bray expressing support for some of those same terrorist groups.

He’s the guy raising his arm in the spot-light

Nick Griffin on Question Time

Nick Griffin and the BNP have been enjoying more popularity these days. Griffin was recently on BBC’s Question Time, have a gander:

This video doesn’t exist

You Got It All Wrong…

Several news outlets are reporting that there is outrage over Nick Griffin’s statements comparing retired generals to Nazi war criminals:

He said: “Along with the political leadership of Nazi Germany, the chiefs of staff of the German army, Alfred Jodl and Wilhelm Keitel, were also charged with waging aggressive war.

“Sir Richard and Sir Mike fall squarely into this bracket and they must not think that they will escape culpability for pursuing the illegal wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.”

The officers to whom Griffin refers had criticized the leader of the BNP for his use of military imagery in political campaigns. The response to the comments:


Finkelstein in Israeli Jail?

Norman Finkelstein

Oh, please, please… Let this be true!

I know it’s from PRESS TV, but they’re sometimes correct, right?

Finkelstein faces Israeli deportation


What’s Up With Franco-Anglo Neo-Fascism

I’ve mentioned the European crypto-/overtly-fascist parties, the British National Party BNP and the (French) Front National FN, in the past. And I’ve remarked that, while some don’t see these groups as acting irrational or extreme, I do. I believe that they use fear mongering to rally up “national” support (and we’re talking about White Nationalism here). These parties are racist and incompatible with the 21st century international community.

So what are these fascists, racists and bigots up to now: (more…)

Islamophobia Watch Raises Concerns

Yes. I know. “Islamophobia Watch” is supposed to be my ideological enemy. However, I don’t always think how I’m “supposed” to think.

I feel that some legitimate concerns are raised is the following article. In fact, I have raised similar concerns myself in my meanderings in these interwebs.

Anyway, here’s the (rather long, ‘cuz I know most of you won’t click the link) excerpt:


Is Nothing Sacred?

Disturbing news from the Brothers at MPACUK:

Zionists’ Secret Plan To take Over Wikipedia!

A pro-Israel pressure group is orchestrating a secret, long-term campaign to infiltrate the popular online encyclopedia Wikipedia to rewrite Palestinian history, pass off crude propaganda as fact, and take over Wikipedia administrative structures to ensure these changes go either undetected or unchallenged. A series of emails by members and associates of the pro-Israel group CAMERA (Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America), provided to The Electronic Intifada (EI), indicate the group is engaged in what one activist termed a “war” on Wikipedia.

That’s right. The Zionist-Crusaders have moved to the internet. MPACUK has copies of Zionist emails that have prove the malicious intent of the Zionists. Thanks to the Electronic Intifada for exposing the Zionists! Masha’Allah!

Just look at what the Zionists plan on doing:


What is this?

from DemoCast.TV

from democracybroadcastin posted with vodpod

You have probably not seen this footage before. It’s material that France2′s Charles Enderlin edited out of footage of Muhammad al-Dura’s murder by the IDF.

More on this later, but clearly, there are only two possible conclusions.

1) The boy has risen! That’s right, like Jesus, Muhammad al-Dura was resurrected from the dead! Meaning:

1.1) The boy is the incarnation of God! or

1.2) Resurrections are not miracles. and

1.21) Jesus was not the incarnation of God :(


2) France2, Enderlin, the al-Duras et al. lied.

Either way, the original report of Enderlin was used for propaganda purposes across the world and Muhammad al-Dura’s death was used to rally Palestinian children to die in shaheed operations.

Neo Nazi Anti-immigration Rally turns Violent [UPDATE] Big Ol’ Nazi Post

I put this post up a few hours ago, but as I started trolling around the interwebs I discovered that, due to my being so busy the couple of days, I missed out on Hitler’s B-day. So here’s a big ol’ Nazi post of some disgusting people and politicians. But first, the shananigans of the anti-Nazis/neo-Stalinists:

- – - -

Here’s a disappointing event.

Crazed leftists get violent with police and break laws while trying to disrupt a Neo-Nazi protest against immigration.

Why are these idiots making me state the following?



Via Jihad Watch

Survey: Nasrallah is the most admired leader in the Arab world

Hezbollah chief Sheikh Nassan Nasrallah is the most admired leader in the Arab world, according to a poll released recently by the Anwar Sadat Chair for Peace and Development at the University of Maryland.

Wow. If the terms “most admired” and “Peace” don’t call to mind the man featured in the videos below, I don’t know what will!



I’m not sure why this surprises me. It shouldn’t.

“I’ve been meeting with Hamas leaders for years,” Carter said.

Read the article at JPost (H/T – LGF)

Spencer Speaks About Islam | UPDATED: More Explication of Fitna

Many Muslims don’t like Robert Spencer.

I can’t imagine why? There is nothing that he says in this clip that is not factual.

from avideditor.wordpressposted with vodpod

If anyone disagrees with the assertion I made above, I request that he or she kindly point out Spencer’s mistake.


Well, it is CAIR… no surprises here.

We all know that top CAIR officials support terrorist organizations such as HAMAS and Hizb’ullah. Many have suspected that CAIR is an extremist organization itself, covertly trying to make the likes of HAMAS and Hizb’ullah legitimate representatives of the Palestinian people in the eyes of the US.

So this is no surprise:


Umm… Hey, angry Muslims! Isn’t this guy giving Islam a bad name?

Yousef al-Khattab, who runs from his home in Queens, told FOX News that he also wants the U.S. to embrace Islam and Sharia Law, which prohibits alcohol and can include stoning to death or severe flogging for pre-marital sex and adultery.

But that’s restrictive, violent, and Draconian, it seems to me that Yousef is confused and is portraying Islam in a negative light:


Yeah, Those WMD.

We already know that Saddam had connections to mujahideen in al-Qaida, HAMAS and other known Islamic terrorist organizations.

But what about the claim that there were WMD in Iraq?

Read this:


HAMAS Cleric: Jews ≠ Terrorists

Well, actually, that’s not quite what he means.

Watch the video:



The Wide World of Racism

When I read the brief description of this story at The Corner, I was skeptical and was already wary of bloggers and talkers (of all colors, religions and both genders and whatever else they choose to adopt as the predominant and essential attribute of their identity) over-reacting when they perceive racism, bigotry, or even a case of P.C. gone wrong.

Now, hold on, let me explain before you tell me that these problems are real and that they threaten the fabric which holds together our civilization.

As a matter of fact, I’ll let Fjordman and Maryscott O’Connor explain:


Oh Snap!

I guess yesterday marked the anniversary of the death of  the anti-American, anti-Israel, anti-freedom, pro-terrorism, useful idiot Rachel Corrie (Thank you for the wonderful posts, Charles!). I should probably re-post these videos for those of you who have not yet seen them:


You Might Be An Infidel If…

You are not embarrassed by a naked woman.


and, btw, the Jews and Americans are using drugs and women as weapons to destroy Islam:



Al Jazeera Apologizes for Sultan… Cowards

On March 4 al-Jazeera had Wafa Sultan as a guest on one of their shows called “The Opposite Direction,” which seems to be a sort of ‘point, counterpoint’ debate between two speakers. Well, apparently this is too much for Muslims to handle, so al-Jazeera has issued an apology for “offensive” comments that Ms. Sultan made about the “Prophet Muhammad” and other such nonsense:


До свидания

This post may not be of interest to many, but those who knew the words and deeds of ‘Umar Lee’ will surely understand why I must post about what he would have us believe to be his departure from blogging.

A nostalgic Umar Lee explained recently his motivations, his hopes, and his intentions when he first created the infamous blog known as The Jihad of Umar:

I started blogging a few years ago as I have mentioned before to talk abut some issues that I didn’t see being discussed in other places and I think I have been able to address a wide-variety of topics and stimulate a lot of discussion.

Ah, yes. Who could forget the riveting tales that led to intriging discussions, or Umar’s insights that have illuminated the world around us?

For example,


What about the Jewish refugees from Arab countries?

From the YouTube info: (more…)

Former Hitler Youth Officer on Radical Islam

from posted with vodpod


This former Hitler Youth officer reminds us that if we are to truly remember the atrocities of the Third Reich, Adolf Hitler, and the worst crimes against humanity, then there should be no question about radical Islam.

Apparently, the MSM and far-left academic types need to brush up on their WWII history.

Coach Receives Antisemitic Letters, Death Threats

Avram Grant, the head coach of one of the ELP’s top teams, Chelsea Football Club, has been receiving anti-Semitic emails and letters. Some of which threaten the life of him and his wife. Grant was hired by Chelsea in September of 2007, prior to that he was the Israeli national team’s manager.

Some of the disgusting antisemitic messages are the following:



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