Commission Finds Hatred In Northern Virginia’s Islamic Saudi Academy (ISA) Islamic School

As noted in the past, the Islamic Saudi Academy in Northern Virginia has been acting very suspiscious when asked about their curriculum. In fact, some members of the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom last year asked the U.S. State Department to shut down ISA Islamic school because school administrators refused to provide officials with school text books. Abdalla al-Shabnan, the ISA school’s director general, claimed that the school was being persecuted because of anti-Muslim prejudice. (more…)


The conviction of ISA-educated al-Qaida member Ahmed Omar Abu Ali was found to be constitutional and the home-grown terrorist who plotted to assassinate the President was found to have received a fair trial. The guilty verdict stands.

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – A U.S. appeals court on Friday upheld the conviction of an American citizen for plotting to assassinate President George W. Bush and conspiring with al Qaeda, rejecting his claims that he had been tortured into confessing by the Saudi police.


Ahmadinejad: The Countdown For The Decline Of America’s Demonic Power Has Begun

Barack Obama’s Persian pal Mahmoud Ahmadinejad rallies up the Iranian spirit for a hearty round of the classic chant “Death to America.”

This must be one of the issues that Obama wishes to discuss with the Iranian Islamofascist. (more…)

DIY: Obama Poster

Make your own Obama poster.

After hours and hours of contemplation, here’s what I came up with: (more…)

Pakistan Should Use Nuclear Weapons Against Enemies: Taliban Emir, Beitullah Mahsoud | UPDATED | UPDATE: 2

Uh oh, I think someone’s being a little Islamophobic.

Beitullah Mahsoud: Mullah Omar and Osama Bin Laden are two of the greatest mujahideen for the sake of Allah and two of the greatest leaders of the Muslims. All the Muslims love these two men. (more…)

Israel Matzav: HAMAS Presents Proof Positive of Operation “SWALLOW”

Over at Israel Matzav, Carl in Jerusalem has posted the following video of

Saleh Riqab, Hamas deputy minister of religious endowment, which aired on Al-Aqsa TV on May 14, 2008

Read Carl’s full post, it’s more informative than mine.

However, it doesn’t talk about (a)(c)(e) aka plunger.

Here’s the video: (more…)

This Is Why You Don’t Talk to HAMAS

Or Iran, for that matter.

Jimmah. Obama.

Watch: (more…)

Science and Religion

Here’s a video shamelessly lifted from the front page of LGF. It’s a lecture given by Dr. Kenneth Miller about intelligent design and evolution.

It just so happens that I’m finishing up a piece against a Calvinist (creationist) “thinker” who tries to argue for the legitimacy of Christian belief as a form of knowledge, that is, he thinks that Christian belief is rational, justified, true belief produced by cognitive faculties and processes functioning properly. Proper function of cognitive faculties and processes is a biological concept and a good 5th of the 1,500 pages (of the three main texts) is an argument that evolution can not explain proper function as well as creationism, so, if we want to escape skepticism, we must do away with former and adopt the latter.

But anyway, here’s the video: (more…)

Finkelstein in Israeli Jail?

Norman Finkelstein

Oh, please, please… Let this be true!

I know it’s from PRESS TV, but they’re sometimes correct, right?

Finkelstein faces Israeli deportation



Republican Presidential candidate, John McCain, it seems, has, like Barack Obama, been attending an extremist, anti-Semitic, racist, anti-American, anti-Israel church for the past 20 years! He’s fallen under the wing of the Christian extremist John Hagee, who, like Wright was to Obama, has been McCain’s spiritual adviser. Hagee has even inspired McCain, as he sat attentively over the decades listening to sermons, like Obama listened to Wright’s sermons, with ideas and titles for books which McCain has written.

So excuse me if I find this a little hard to swallow: (more…)

¡Viva la (Islamist) Revolución!

Flag of IranThat’s right. The Islamofascistic revolution is still alive and strong in The Islamic Republic of Iran. From Bored Melo:

From BBC News

Iran arrests Bahai ‘leadership’
The Iranian authorities have acknowledged the arrest of a number of members of the Bahai faith, which is considered to be heretical in Iran.

Tolerance. (more…)

Zionist Pigs Try to Undermine Truce Talks | UPDATE

HAMAS has declared that truce talks with Israel have failed.

According to a Hamas official in the Gaza Strip, the Egyptians may announce the failure of the truce talks in the wake of Hamas’s refusal to accept the Israeli conditions.

“Israel wants a free truce,” he said. “They don’t want to offer anything in return. They want an end to the rocket attacks in return for an end to their aggression.” (more…)

Tarik Ibn Zayad Academy’s Curriculum Complies With Federal and State Laws But…

When trying to integrate their, obviously, religious based public school into the network of the public school system, and when said religion happens to be under the microscope due to, oh, I don’t know, say, an overwhelmingly disproportionate number of radicals and terrorists committing crimes and acts of terror in the name of said religion, then ya might not want to act like Tony Soprano “talking” to some guy who ripped him off if someone is reporting on your progress: (more…)

American Imperialism?

What’s this dude talking about?

This isn’t just American imperialism, this is an entire Zionist-Crusader movement!

Hey, he gives a shout out to the Palestinian people. They are the “stars” of the ummah… heh. Silly me. Here I thought they were merely pawns in a deadly game of Arab Muslim chess.


Flawless Islamist Logic

Ya see, since Bush is bad and Bush was elected, elections, therefore, are bad.

Now that’s what I call a solid argument.


Cam’s Got Osama Wearin’ Pink

Check out a run down of the latest OBL message here at The Forgotten War. (more…)

Memorial Day for Massacres Against Muslims


Today’s Zaman (h/t – Jihad Watch) has a story about the OIC declaring a day of remembrance for the millions and millions of Muslims that have been massacred in the past century.

On Friday, representatives of OIC youth organizations came together at İstanbul’s Grand Cevahir Hotel for a meeting organized by the Islamic Conference Youth Forum for Dialogue and Cooperation (ICYF-DC) to discuss programs to create awareness of Muslim grievances over the past within the younger generation and foster solidarity among OIC members.

This is long over due. Maybe now more attention will be drawn to Kallisto’s concerns, expressed in the following video:

from posted with vodpod


Let’s see what else the OIC has to say about tragedies like the ones in the video: (more…)

Anti-Israel Rallies

Check out these ignorant moonbats and apologists rally against Israel.

from posted with vodpod

Hey, Palestinian-Americans…

Richard Dawkins Interviews a Religious Fanatic

Dawkins interviews American-born Yousef Al-Khattab, formerly Joseph Cohen. Al-Khattab moved to Israel in 1998 in the name of Judaism, where he stayed in Gush Qatif settlement in Gaza. There he accepted Islam.

Interviews With Taliban Fighters

Check out this interview of a 30 year old Taliban fighter.

This video doesn’t exist

Partial transcript: (more…)

MPACUK: One Step Away From Making Takfir

Every time I check in to see what our good buddies at MPACUK are up to I find more borderline extremist rhetoric. For example, in this rant the MPACUK radicals accuse Muslim authorities in Britain of failing to live up to their duties as Muslims. The proof that this is the case? Well, because Islam does not dominate all of Britain of course! How else could an Islamophobe be elected? Yes, MPACUK seems to be just about ready to pronounce Muslim authorities kuffar and subject them to the treatment of apostates:

Boris Johnson called Islam “the problem” and has now been elected Mayor of London. Islam is not the problem. Boris Johnson is not the problem. Our Muslim leaders ARE the problem.


Naqba, Indeed.

Here’s a must read article in Commentary Magazine:

1948. Israel and the Palestinians – the true story

As the Jews set out to lay the groundwork for their nascent state while simultaneously striving to convince their Arab compatriots that they would be (as Ben-Gurion put it) “equal citizens, equal in everything without any exception,” Palestinian Arab leaders pledged that “should partition be implemented, it will be achieved only over the bodies of the Arabs of Palestine, their sons, and their women.” Qawuqji vowed “to drive all Jews into the sea.” Abdel Qader Husseini stated that “the Palestine problem will only be solved by the sword; all Jews must leave Palestine.”

Shia Scholars: Ahmadinejad Needs to STFU About Imam al-Mahdi

If I recall correctly, the “hidden imam” aka the 12th imam, aka al-Mahdi, according to Ahmadinejad, is going to make himself visible (or he will be made visible by Allah… I’m not quite sure how this works) at the end of days. At that time he and Jesus will finish off the last remaining Christians and Jews and then Muslims will rule the world. Until that time, it is the duty of the Islamic Republic of Iran (so says Ahmadinejad) to pave the way for the 12th imam’s return, and all of the Islamic Republic’s actions have this goal in mind.

Seems reasonable enough to me, I wonder why Iranian scholars want him to shut up.



I’ve been reading a post by Haider Ala Hamoudi on his blog Islamic Law in our Times. However, when I tried to access the article this morning I found that the website was unavailable and instead I was redirected to a page that told me “This Web site coming soon.”


Luckily, thanks to Google Reader, I still have the entire post as it appears on the RSS feed. So, unless and until Hamoudi’s site is back online, I don’t think there’s a problem if I reproduce the entire article.


Okay, it’s back online, for now. So, I’m still going to keep it posted in it’s entirety (besides, the copyright date on his site is “2007” :P ):



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