What did you say again, Jimmy?

Oh, that’s right. You, Jimmy Carter, said that “the HAMAS has to be part of the peace process.”



Was somebody going to tell them that?


Omar Bin Laden Banned From Britain

It seems Omar bin Laden will not be granted permission to live in Britain with his new and 4th wife (who is British herself):

The son of Osama bin Laden has been banned from entering Britain to live with his new wife because of fears that his presence would cause “considerable public concern”.


What’s Up in The Balkans?

Here is some news from the Balkans

Kosovo seems to want EU membership:

Two months after unilaterally seceding from Serbia, Kosovo has made it clear it wants to join the EU, setting 2015 as its accession goal.


Al Jazeera Interview with Khalid Mashaal

The video seems to be malfunctioning on the MEMRI TV site. However, the audio is working and the transcript is available. Mashaal (representing HAMAS) explains that the offer for a temporary truce with Israel was only a tactic (and this applies to the hudna offer and the tahdiah). Of course, we already knew that, for HAMAS is always putting forth dubious offers of “truce” or “calm,” or at least they have been for the past 4 or 5 years.

Here’s an excerpt:


Statements from Member of Axis of Evil and Terror and Hate©®™ Minister of Culture Riyad Na’san al-Agha

Here’s Syrian Minister of Culture Riyad Na’san al-Agha talking about stifling dissent and his prediction of Israel’s destruction in the next 10 years. He also shows a creep loyalty to Hizbullah chief Hassan Nasrallah, kinda like the creepy, evil Norman Finklestein, headliner at  MSU ‘Anti-Israel’ Week; May 7 – May 15 in Irvine, CA (H/T - LGF).

Watch Video:


What’s Up With Hizbu’llah?

Here’s an article on the “Party of God” or as I like to call them: crazed killers led by a homicidal maniac.

I haven’t read the whole article yet, fyi. (not that you care :P )


That’s What I Thought

I know the international Left, Carterists, and HAMAS-terrorist sympathizers are waving around the dubious hudna offer of HAMAS’s very own Khaled Mashaal.

They say that this is a sign of progress. HAMAS is now getting serious about peace, they claim, for the Palestinian chapter of the Islamist militant Muslim Brotherhood terror organization, i.e. HAMAS, has rejected any sort of peace treaty whatsoever with Israel, that is, until the Magnificent Jimmuh Kha’tuh opened their hardened souls with Post-Modern Liberal rhetoric and pure sunshine and butterflies, naturally.

Even folks who are skeptical about the offer seem to have memory problems.

From the Glen Beck show:


Oh, The Injustice!

In another example of the injustice of the USA a liar, member of a student Muslim Brotherhood group, and ex-detainee during the first intifada and affiliate of the terrorist-supporting Holy Land Foundation is facing deportation for the sole offense of not having been granted his request for permanent residency in the US.


“Virginia Jihad Network” Mujahid Still Sentenced To 15 Years Upon Reconsideration

15 year sentence for member of the “Virginia jihad network”

ALEXANDRIA, Va. – A former teacher at a Muslim school was sentenced to 15 years in prison Friday for providing support to a Pakistani terrorist group, even though a federal appeals court had ordered the trial judge to reconsider the original 15-year sentence. (more…)

What Proposal?

MSNBC reports how the war-mongering Israelis are rejecting HAMAS’ generous offer:

Israel dismissed on Friday a proposal by Hamas to call a conditional six-month truce in the Gaza Strip, calling it a ruse aimed at allowing the Palestinian Islamist group to recover from recent fighting.

Wait a minute… what proposal?

This proposal?


Insurgent Dressing Like A Woman Captured By Iraqi Army In Baghdad

from posted with vodpod



I saw this story thanks to Bored Melo’s new Google Reader shared items website (it’s not a blog properly so called):

All emph. mine:


Okay, This One Is Too Easy [UPDATE]

Okay, here’s the story:

Hamas offers truce in return for 1967 borders


NYTimes: MAS and CAIR Just as Bad as Terrorists

I know that Counter-terrorism expert Steven Emerson is very dedicated and enthusiastic in his work. After all, his is an important field and he undoubtedly has a stressful job.

However, the stress may lead Emerson to overlook small details, which could become more significant over time. For example, I disagree with Emerson’s interpretation of what the NYTimes said in a recent article about the Palestinian Islamic Jihad terrorist Sami Al-Arian.

Emerson writes:


About that Islamic-LDS Alliance…

Remember that snarky The Islamic-LDS Alliance post I put up over a week ago? Well it seems that due to a bizarre chain of events it became a discussion of the Palestinian/Israeli conflict.


Abbas Declines to Commend Terrorists

This seems like a no-brainer. But then… most folks strongly condemn terrorist acts and would not have dreamed of handing them medals of honor.



Via Jihad Watch

Survey: Nasrallah is the most admired leader in the Arab world

Hezbollah chief Sheikh Nassan Nasrallah is the most admired leader in the Arab world, according to a poll released recently by the Anwar Sadat Chair for Peace and Development at the University of Maryland.

Wow. If the terms “most admired” and “Peace” don’t call to mind the man featured in the videos below, I don’t know what will!



Before you leave a comment like this, which claims that there is a

“constant stereotyping and bashing [that] the media gives Islam,”

and that

“War [in Islam], therefore, is the last resort, and is subject to the rigorous conditions laid down by the sacred law. The term ‘jihad’ literally means ’struggle’. Muslims believe that there are two kinds of jihad. The other ‘jihad’ is the inner struggle of the soul which everyone wages against egotistic desires for the sake of attaining inner peace.”

or any other apologia, make sure that you’ve explained what the true, real Islam is to these guys:


Spencer Speaks About Islam | UPDATED: More Explication of Fitna

Many Muslims don’t like Robert Spencer.

I can’t imagine why? There is nothing that he says in this clip that is not factual.

from avideditor.wordpressposted with vodpod

If anyone disagrees with the assertion I made above, I request that he or she kindly point out Spencer’s mistake.


Well, it is CAIR… no surprises here.

We all know that top CAIR officials support terrorist organizations such as HAMAS and Hizb’ullah. Many have suspected that CAIR is an extremist organization itself, covertly trying to make the likes of HAMAS and Hizb’ullah legitimate representatives of the Palestinian people in the eyes of the US.

So this is no surprise:


Against Appeasement

Here is an excerpt from an interesting article by Professor Rabbi Daniel M. Zucker about getting real and abandoning the idea that appeasing terrorists will bring peace:

In dealing with the Palestinians, the Israelis have attempted to act fairly by offering a negotiated two-state solution to end the over six-decade-old conflict. Speaking to the Palestinians and the Arab world in general, Israel has attempted to demonstrate her interest in a peaceful resolution that allows for the Jewish state to retain its unique Jewish character at the same time as it becomes integrated into “the neighborhood”. For the most part, Israel’s offer has been rejected by the Palestinians and most of her Arab neighbors. With exceedingly rare exception, Palestinians have demanded that Israel cease to be Jewish or simply vanish from the map, depending on whether one is talking to the Palestinian Authority of Dr. Mahmoud Abbas (Fatah) or an Islamist such as Ismail Haniyeh of Hamas.


Video: Wanna-be Shahid Umar Islam’s Martyrdom Video

Here’s a video of wanna-be shahid Umar Islam in which the ambitious mujahid explains that:

there is “an obligation on me as a Muslim to wage jihad against the Kuffar,” or nonbeliever.


I see. So, he’s saying that inherent in Islam is the notion of Muslim supremacy over ‘the kuffar.’

A truly noble religion.

Watch the video below:


Men Accused of Conspiring with 7/7 Terrorists

Here is an artist’s rendering of the 3 men who are standing trial in Britain for helping the 7/7 terrorists plot their attack:

Revealed: The men ‘who helped 7/7 bombers select their targets’

As a jury for their trial was sworn in today, a judge lifted an order banning publication of drawings or photographs of the accused men. (more…)

Palestinian Terrorists Attack Key Gaza Crossing

Also, pertaining to Palestinian terrorists, the situation in Gaza, and Palestine in general:



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