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Ahmadinejad: The Countdown For The Decline Of America’s Demonic Power Has Begun

Barack Obama’s Persian pal Mahmoud Ahmadinejad rallies up the Iranian spirit for a hearty round of the classic chant “Death to America.”

This must be one of the issues that Obama wishes to discuss with the Iranian Islamofascist. (more…)

McCain Hits The Nail on The Head

Barack Obama has been arguing, in an affront to reason and all common sense, that somehow legitimizing the claims of Iranian psychopaths will deter their aiding terrorists throughout the Middle East:

the fact that we have not talked to them means that they have been developing nuclear weapons, funding Hamas, funding Hezbollah. We have had no impact whatsoever as we pursue our policies.”



The fact that we have not talked to Iran implies that they have been developing nukes and funding terrorists?


This Is Why You Don’t Talk to HAMAS

Or Iran, for that matter.

Jimmah. Obama.

Watch: (more…)

Anti-Israel Rallies

Check out these ignorant moonbats and apologists rally against Israel.

from posted with vodpod

Hey, Palestinian-Americans…

Iran TV Cartoon

Here’s another pathetic piece of Iranian propaganda.

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Images From Iran

I was on YouTube and I saw a video called “Images From Tehran”

I liked it so much that I decided to put together a video response. On the off chance that the creator of “Images From Tehran” forgets to accept my response, or, for one reason or another, my video isn’t linked under his (maybe as a rule, he just doesn’t accept responses from anybody), here are both videos:


Tension Grows in Lebanon

Yesterday I was wondering if Hezbollah was making a move to take over the government, this was based off speculation in a report on the “protests” in Lebanon.

Well, today it seems things have escalated and a full-on confrontation between the Pro-Evil organization Hezbollah and the Lebanese government is just around the corner: (more…)

U.S. Confirms That Israel Did, in fact, Take Out Nuclear Reactor in Syria (i.e. one of the members of the Axis of Evil)

I wrote this last Oct:

On September 6th an Israeli air-strike took out a Syrian facility of some sort. Despite speculation that Syria might have been actively pursuing nuclear weapons, Syria has maintained that it was an “unused military facility or an agricultural research facility.” Israel has remained silent, yet smug, about the results of the mission, which tells me that it involved something more than “unused military facility.”


We all knew that it was a nuclear facility, especially after Syrian officials at the UN messed up, let it slip, and then blamed the U.N. translator.

American and Israeli officials have been quiet about this event thus far. Because, you see, we don’t need to brag about every time we smack down evil doers, we’re bigger than that. Check out the video:


Uh, no.

The Islamic Republic Islamofascist State of Iran is now taking the nonsensical labels of “This-or-that-phobia” to whole other level.

Why, if you don’t want to see mad-men who have repeatedly and explicitly called for the destruction of Israel and who, at the same time, have used graphics which implicitly state that Israel’s destruction will come after America has already fallen, if you don’t want to see these men who claim to be practicing real Shia Islam as they hang gays, stone adulterers, throw reporters and activists in jail, sentence “apostates” and religious minorities to death (you know, when mere oppression is just not enough), and generally abuse their own people, if you don’t want to see them get the capability to make nuclear weapons, or support militants in already war torn Iraq, well, then you, whether you are Muslim, Jewish, or Christian, Arab, Western, or Persian, you are…

wait for it…


Oh, No They Didn’t!

I guess Google called the Persian Gulf the “Arabian Gulf” somewhere sometime.Flag of Iran

This, of course, is an affront to the Iranian people. But fear not, PRESS TV explains that Google has spelled its own doom!



Irani Police: Keeping Women Covered and Targeting Other “Satan-worshipping” Groups

Flag of IranIt’s not Islamofascism unless women are properly oppressed and all Satan worshippers are persecuted duly.

TEHRAN (AFP) — Iranian police will confront women in private offices, or even socialising in cafes, whose dress is deemed improper, as part of a continued morality crackdown, Tehran’s police chief said on Thursday.

Police have been enforcing the crackdown for the past year and its morality patrol officers have handed tens of thousands of warnings to women on Tehran’s streets.

All emphasis is mine:



Via Jihad Watch

Survey: Nasrallah is the most admired leader in the Arab world

Hezbollah chief Sheikh Nassan Nasrallah is the most admired leader in the Arab world, according to a poll released recently by the Anwar Sadat Chair for Peace and Development at the University of Maryland.

Wow. If the terms “most admired” and “Peace” don’t call to mind the man featured in the videos below, I don’t know what will!


Iranian Media: Mosque Explosion Was Just an Accident

Yesterday, I saw this reported on LGF:

Iran bomb blast kills 8, injures over 50 – agency.

TEHRAN, April 12 (Reuters) – A bomb blast in a mosque in southern Iran on Saturday killed at least eight Iranians in southern Fars province and injured more than 50 people, the semi-official Fars news agency reported.

This, of course, made me raise an eyebrow. Charles at LGF notes that there are few details, but that

one suspect would be the MEK: Mujahadeen-e-Khalq (Iranian rebels).

But the Iranian media wants us to rest easy.


Spencer Speaks About Islam | UPDATED: More Explication of Fitna

Many Muslims don’t like Robert Spencer.

I can’t imagine why? There is nothing that he says in this clip that is not factual.

from avideditor.wordpressposted with vodpod

If anyone disagrees with the assertion I made above, I request that he or she kindly point out Spencer’s mistake.


The Hiding Imam

(Okay, so he’s not universally recognized as an imam.)

This doesn’t sound like the open, honest Muqtada al-Sadr (leader of militant Shi’as that fight to disrupt the Flag of Iranstability in Iraq because they believe in an apocalypitc Islamic doctrine of the return of the “Mahdi” … or so I hear). Nor does this bear any resemblence to the Islamic Republic of Iran’s outstanding record of administrative transparency. Oh, wait. No. I take that back, denying reality is exactly what I would expect from both al-Sadr and Iran.


Video: The History of Islamic Republic Day… via PRESS TV!

The official Iranian propaganda news outlet PRESS TV covers the history of Islamic Republic Day in Iran:

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Notice how there is a distinction made between “Leftist” on the one hand, and “Liberal” on the other, and PRESS TV claims that the Islamic “Republic” is more liberal than Leftist.

It’s interesting that Ahmadinejad and Leftist dictator Hugo Chavez have become great buddies, and liberals are shunned, placed under arrest, and/or even killed for going against the Islamofascist government.

A Fatwa Calls for the Murder of Dr. Wafa Sultan

I usually don’t like to copy and paste entire articles from other blogs, but I do make certain exceptions. One exception being when I am extremely busy yet there is important message that needs to get out in the tubes which constitute the interwebs.

This is the case with the following post from Velvet Hammer’s Ironic Surrealism:

Help Wafa Sultan-Send a Letter to the Qatar Embassy about her Death Fatwa

March 29, 2008

by Jerry Gordon

wafa-sultan.jpgWe posted on courageous Dr. Wafa Sultan’s second al-Jazeera interview that included a debate with Egyptian Islamist, Tal’at Rheim on the republication of the Danish Mohammed cartoons. Subsequent to the March 4th Al-Jazeera interview, Egyptian Islamist Sheik al-Qaradawi issued a Fatwa against her. Sultan and her family have gone into hiding.

Our ally , Bob Spencer of Jihad Watch has called Sultan ” a national and international treasure”. Having met Dr. Sultan, we agree.

And so do I although I have not met Dr. Sultan. Keep reading


The “Talk to Iran Crowd” (Tic)

iran.gifWinston over at The Spirit of Man, recommends that we read this

great piece of commentary by Amir Taheri:

“The only way the Islamic Republic might abandon its nuclear ambitions is under duress when it realises that the cost of making a bomb, if that is indeed the aim, is much too high in terms of economic suffering, diplomatic isolation and/or military defeat.”


Possible New Legislation on Capital Punishment in Iran

iran.gifScarlett has found a frightening article which outlines a new draft for the Iranian penal code. Unlike previous Iranian legislation, says the post, the new penal code:

uses the word Hadd, which explicitly sets death as a fixed punishment that cannot be changed, reduced or annulled.

Those whom this punishment would apply include ‘apostates’ (as determined by the Islamofascist regime) and others whether they be in the Islamofascist Republic of Iran or not.


Iran 64 Years Behind U.S.

Iran is 64 years behind the United States when it comes to incendiary cartoons.

This following video is of an Iranian cartoon series called The Child and the Invader:


One can’t help but be reminded of the 1944 Merrie Melodies classic, Bugs Bunny Nips the Nips, an episode known for its stereotyping of Asians (in particular, the Japanese). However, whereas this episode:


“The Supreme Leader” Speaks

Khamenei says

Muslim nations can neutralize Western threats through solidarity.

“Muslim nations must realize that their success does not lie in ‘dependency on superpowers’. Once they learn to overcome this false belief they will be able to make many great achievements,”

Press TV

I agree.

Indeed, if the good people of Iran don’t want us to bomb their collective ass, then they had better unite and get rid of the Islamofascist regime that is currently in power.


Dinnerjacket recently went to Iraq on a propaganda campaign and to meet with the Iraqi government. Things also got a bit weird… actually, they were not weird, for Dinnerjacket:


MPs Say That The US Should Talk Directly to Iran

MPs in the United Kingdom have suggested that the best way to handle Iran is for the British government to convince us, the United States of America, to sit down and have a chat with the Islamofascist terror-supporters in Iran.

In a way, this can be seen as a compliment, but also, why is it that we have to do the dirty work?



Is it me? Or is the Islamic Islamofascist Republic of Iran on a roll lately?

I mean, listen to these zingers:

“President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad declared on Thursday that Iran was the world’s “number one” power”


the US and its allies [should] “apologise” to Iran for accusing it of seeking nuclear weapons


And now there’s this:



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