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Nasrallah Phones-in Threat, FBI Still on Alert

The MENORAH blog features the following headline which, although the subject matter is serious, I still found humorous:

Nasrallah, too frightened for his life to appear at the funeral Thursday


But as I said, the subject matter is still serious:


Mauritania: Muslims Reduced to Slavery

The Islamic Islamofascist Republic of Mauritania, where recently al-Qaida claimed responsibility for an act of terrorism on the Israeli embassy, is having problems adapting to the 21st century in more ways than one. Rachelle Kliger, writing in The Media Line, explains how slavery is still a major concern that has not been resolved with the laws made banning the practice:



Check out the the headline of this AP article about the death of Ayman Fayed (aka Abu Abdallah):

Islamic Jihad activist, family killed


WTF is an Islamic Jihad activist?


Gitmo Interrogation Techniques | UPDATE: Arab-American Official: Gitmo Is Not That Bad

Reasonable people have known for quite some time now that America does not torture. Nevertheless, this is going to come as a shock to the BDS-crazed Leftists who like to run around screaming that the United States is torturing all the poor innocent victims of Islamophobia who now reside as detainees in Gitmo.

Interrogator Paul Rester expresses his concern for the way his line of work is being dragged through the mud by America-haters:


Crank It UP

Then I bust up the block

With the system that knocks

Capital One Style Muslim Hordes

In Copenhagen, Danish Muslims have been outraged over the recent decision to reprint cartoons that offend their fragile little beliefs.


The BBC reports that:

Protestors marched in the capital’s streets shouting “God is Great!” and “Freedom of speech is like a plague!”