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Pakistan: Islam Ruining YouTube

As we all know, it is highly offensive to Muslims for any image of the ‘prophet’ to even be displayed. Also, as we all know, in a 21st century world, people have learned that seeing Muhammad is not that big of a deal.

Pakistan needs to join the rest of us in the 21st century:


Insane Obama Supporter

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From LiveLeak:


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PKK Claim To Have Taken Down Turkish Chopper

The Kurdish terrorist organization the PKK claim to have shot down a Turkish Cobra attack helicopter. We all know that the PKK a group of terrorists, but it is also clear that Turkey wants to oppress the Kurds, nay, they want to go in and decimate the entire Kurdish population… reminiscent of what they did to the Armenians at the turn of the 20th century.


Ahmadinejad: The USA Owes Us an Apology

Dinnerjacket sez:

the US and its allies [should] “apologise” to Iran for accusing it of seeking nuclear weapons


Former Hitler Youth Officer on Radical Islam

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This former Hitler Youth officer reminds us that if we are to truly remember the atrocities of the Third Reich, Adolf Hitler, and the worst crimes against humanity, then there should be no question about radical Islam.

Apparently, the MSM and far-left academic types need to brush up on their WWII history.