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’96 Big-Body Sittin’ on Chrome

This is why Tupac is still the best rapper.


Omar Bin Laden Banned From Britain

It seems Omar bin Laden will not be granted permission to live in Britain with his new and 4th wife (who is British herself):

The son of Osama bin Laden has been banned from entering Britain to live with his new wife because of fears that his presence would cause “considerable public concern”.


Islamophobia Watch Raises Concerns

Yes. I know. “Islamophobia Watch” is supposed to be my ideological enemy. However, I don’t always think how I’m “supposed” to think.

I feel that some legitimate concerns are raised is the following article. In fact, I have raised similar concerns myself in my meanderings in these interwebs.

Anyway, here’s the (rather long, ‘cuz I know most of you won’t click the link) excerpt:


Middle East Refugees

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The plight of Palestinian refugees is frequently addressed at the UN Human Rights Council.Yet for 60 years the U.N. ignored the plight of one million Jewish refugees of the Mideast conflict.For the first time ever, on March 19, 2008, UN Watch told their story before the Human Rights Council plenary.


What’s Up in The Balkans?

Here is some news from the Balkans

Kosovo seems to want EU membership:

Two months after unilaterally seceding from Serbia, Kosovo has made it clear it wants to join the EU, setting 2015 as its accession goal.


Eye for an Eye

It’s in the Bible, right?

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Iran’s nuke tour

Video on Iran’s nuke program.