Suspected IMU Affiliates Arrested

10 men arrested in three countries in Europe in terror investigation

Ten men of Turkish origin were arrested Friday in three European countries as part of a French investigation into what a judge said was a financial-support network tied to the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan, a terrorist group with links to Al Qaeda.

Ah, yes. The IMU:

  • Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan (IMU): “The IMU is a group of Islamic militants from Uzbekistan and other Central Asian states. The IMU’s goal is to overthrow Uzbekistani President Islam Karimov and establishing an Islamic state in Uzbekistan. The IMU is affiliated with al-Qaida and, under the leadership of Tohir Yoldashev, has embraced Usama bin Ladin’s ideology.”

Remember this guy?

In case you missed this post from last December, this is Muhammad Taher Al-Farouq, the leader of the IMU. He asserted in the online rant that finance for jihad should be acquired in a very specific way:

The countries that supported and helped God’s Messenger help us.


The money in the infidel banks is the daily bread of the mujahideen. The convoys come from Pakistan, through Torkhan or Karachi, are the daily bread of the mujahideen. The money in the banks in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and elsewhere is the daily bread of the mujahideen. The governments that use this money against the Muslims and Islam acquire bombs and airplanes with it, in order to bomb the Muslims. Therefore, this money is the [legitimate] booty of the Muslims.


I always tell the mujahideen that if they want to get money, they should beat the infidels and take their money. You must hit them on the head and take their money. You should rob their banks and take the money. You should take their people prisoner, just like the Prophet did. Don’t think this is a sin, because the Prophet Muhammad himself exchanged prisoners for ransom. There’s nothing wrong with collecting money in exchange for prisoners.

I guess the “mujahideen” weren’t paying attention. Rather than hit the infidels on the head, or kidnap people for ransom (you know, just like the Prophet… right?), these lazy bums are suspected of merely

collected funds


No prisoners, no hitting people on the head?!


the Dutch police arrested a 48-year-old Turk in the city of Tilburg and searched three apartments, seizing computers, telephones and ammunition, a spokesperson for the Dutch national prosecutor said.

The suspect is to be extradited to France shortly, along with the material confiscated in the raid. The prosecutor said the man was suspected of involvement with a Turkish Islamic movement linked to Metin Kaplan, who is serving a life sentence in Turkey for plotting to fly a plane filled with explosives into the mausoleum in Ankara of Turkey’s founder, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk. [oh, no he di’int – k]

The German police detained a 35-year-old man as part of the same investigation. He was to appear before a judge in coming days for an extradition hearing.

Let’s hope that the authorities are able to make their case. The IHT article says that:

French investigators have six days under anti-terrorism legislation to determine “what roles each of the suspects is likely to have played” before charges have to be filed, the spokeswoman said.

(IHT – h/t – BabbaZee)

This may prove to be a challenge if the suspected terrorists knew about this legislation in advance.

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