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Obama is Right.

President Barack Obama was 100% correct as labeling those who speak out for U.S. action regarding Honduras as hypocrites.

Ya see, there are human rights violations being perpetrated in Honduras, and the President, rightly, responds to pleas for U.S. action by saying:

“The same critics who say that the United States has not intervened enough in Honduras are the same people who say that we’re always intervening and the Yankees need to get out of Latin America. You can’t have it both ways.”


Exactly right, Mr. President.

Obama knows that it’s either regime change or nothing. If you want the U.S. involved, we’re going to take care of the situation thoroughly.  I believe it is “Dreams From My Father” that Obama tells us how his dad always said “Barry, if you’re going to do something, do it right.” Obama knows that in order to “do it right” in Honduras full regime change with the institution of a U.S. led, puppet government of some sort is necessary.