Will They Be Heard?

As hundreds of thousands of Americans march in Washington today to protest Obama’s schemes, for example Obamacare, conservative bloggers feel confident that “They Will Be Heard.”

I’m not so sure.

Obama may have big ears but he’s not known for listening and compromising. In fact, he’s proclaimed there to be consent on issues for which, indeed, there was no such consent, i.e., he lies. He seems to be in a state of anxiety as he frantically rallies his fellow politicians to pass legislation that is unfavorable to the American people.

But let’s be realistic, of course Obama and the Dems hear the dissent. They just don’t care. Their motivation for passing Obamacare and other Big Government legislation does not stem from a good faith effort to fulfill their duty to the American people.

Here’s a pic of the march:

Via Instapundit: a href=

Pic. Via Instapundit: Mary Katharine Ham emails this pic from the Newseum balcony in DC

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