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FNC’s Red Eye w/ Greg Gutfeld: “Relish Him”

Here’s the latest “subliminal message” from the guys at Red Eye:

As you can see, it’s Bill Schulz wearing the mask this time with the words “RELISH HIM” flashing on the screen. I hope they explain this madness one of these days.

Other recent messages:

FNC’s Red Eye w/ Greg Gutfeld: “Feed It”

Red Eye Message: “Obey Him”

FOX New’s Red Eye: “Punish Him”

Michigan Appeals Court Rules Ban on Affirmative Action Unconstitutional

Given the history of ‘affirmative action’ policies in academia, the Court’s ruling is not a surprise.


A federal appeals court on Friday struck down a Michigan law that banned affirmative action in college admissions, creating the possibility of a U.S. Supreme Court battle.

The 6th U.S. Circuit of Appeals, in a 2-1 decision, found that a 2006 amendment to the Michigan constitution, “unconstitutionally alters Michigan’s political structure by impermissibly burdening racial minorities.”

The case could go to the U.S. Supreme Court, but given the history of Court decisions, and the recent 2003 ruling in Grutter v. Bollinger, I suspect that the ruling will be upheld.

Below is some research I’ve done on legal rulings pertaining to affirmative action.

After the civil rights movement of the 1960s  court rulings on preferential treatment (affirmative action) have gone back and forth but never has the central issue of equality been truly enforced. Below examples are given which reflect the paradoxical views of universities, and what Thomas Sowell describes as, “a zig-zag pattern of judicial decisions over the years.” [1] Two of the most important Court decisions regarding civil rights and affirmative action policies in schools were the 1978 Regents of the University of California v. Bakke U.S. Supreme Court ruling, and 2003’s Grutter v. Bollinger, in which the Supreme Court took a step backwards and abrogated the ruling of another case, Cheryl J. Hopwood, et al., v. State of Texas, which the U.S. Supreme Court declined to review.


FBI Calls on Westboro Baptist Church For Help, Obama Calls for Extension of Director’s Tenure

Obama has recently called for the extension of FBI Director Robert Mueller’s tenure.

Even after this?

WASHINGTON (AP) — The FBI said Wednesday that members of an anti-gay fundamentalist group participated in the bureau’s training of police officers and FBI agents — a move the bureau says it will take steps to remedy in the future.

The bureau extended the invitations to Westboro Baptist Church of Topeka, Kan., for training this spring at two bureau facilities in Virginia: Quantico and Manassas.

C’mon, Obama!

Banal Post of The Weekend

I subscribe to the “local” RSS feed from The Washington Examiner’s website and usually the posts are pretty tame compared to posts on national and world-wide news, but they are still sort of interesting at least. For example, here are some random headlines I’ve selected from the feed as of 8:30 this evening:

Md.’s highest court: Take-home vehicle arrangement for state police illegal

Hunt is on for money to build Dulles Rail

Fairfax officers offer free child-seat inspections

Missing tape of Va. Tech shooter found in MontCo

But the top, indeed, the “Featured Column” post is the following:

Sleepovers leave parents at wit’s end, kids hollow-eyed

I hadn’t meant to eavesdrop, honestly, but the conversation at the next table was so comically familiar that I couldn’t help tipping back in my chair so as to hear it better. It was an extended two-person lament about one of the great banes of modern domestic life. It suffused me with fellow feeling.

“… And the next day she’s a wreck!”

“Oh, the whole weekend is done.”


What causes such ruin and wreckage? Sleepovers. For reasons that are not altogether clear, children seem to have an inexhaustible desire to spend the night at their friends’ houses, or to have their friends spend the night at theirs — though sleep is usually the last thing anyone gets.

It sounds like The Onion, doesn’t it? Please, Washington Examiner, I know this is the “local” section but this does not count as news unless you’re a newly arrived alien life-form.

FNC’s Red Eye w/ Greg Gutfeld: “Feed It”

Last night’s episode of Red Eye featured another subliminal message. This time it was Greg wearing the mask with the words “Feed It” below him on the screen. I’ll add a photo soon.

I still have no idea what all of this is supposed to mean. However, when the voice mail was played the other night one of the callers seemed to mention the messages, so, the folks at Red Eye know that we know.

Here’s a screen shot:

Red Eye Message: “Obey Him”

Last night (or technically, at 3:00am this morning) a new Red Eye w/ Greg Gutfeld aired on FOXNews. As has been noted in the past, there are occasionally ‘subliminal’ messages in the show which feature one of the Red Eye gang wearing a strange mask with a command at the bottom of the screen. Last night it was Andy Levy and the message was “Obey Him.” Here are some photos taken with my cheap phone:

Click on any image to enlarge

What does this all mean? I’m still waiting to hear back from redeye[at]foxnews[dot]com.

South Park Fan’s Quote of the Day

Commenting on rumors that the show South Park is nearing its end, viewer “sanbi” says:

Let The Simpsons end instead…

This is in reference to the last episode of South Park (the mid-season finale) called “You’re Getting Old,” which aired Wednesday.

I share sanbi’s sentiments and agree with many other comments about the episode.

Here’s another:

Huffpo commenter:

I could barely bring myself to stand immediatel­y after that episode, I just sat there on the couch staring gloomily at the screen for 30 seconds (maybe longer). Then I looked out the window for another 30 seconds. Hell, my eyes were even misted over. I’ve seen every South Park, and I cannot remember being so…stunn­ed at the ending of an episode. I’m sure the song playing over the final scenes had something to do with it, but I don’t think there was any subtlety in the conversati­on between Randy and Sharon; the meaning was clear: Trey Parker and Matt Stone have (understan­dably) lost much of their passion after 15 seasons. I’m sure they love South Park like an actual child, but they must be burned out. How could they not be? I can’t imagine writing and performing the same show for FIVE seasons, let alone FIFTEEN. Sigh. I just hope… I honestly don’t know what I hope for the show’s future. That episode bummed the shit out of me…

I agree that Randy and Sharon’s conversation probably represented some of Matt and Trey’s thoughts, however, I think that the various featured characters in the episode each act as a mouth-piece for a different point of view. For example, Stan’s new view of the world, Kyle’s desire to just have a good time, and even the two ‘britches’ thieves. Let me explain. In the commentary for “The China Problem” Matt and Trey say that they don’t want to do to the boys what Spielberg and Lucas did to Indiana Jones. When Randy starts to destroy his underwear, the two characters set out to “set those britches free,” just as Matt and Trey realize that when they start to desecrate their characters they will need to be set free.

But it seems the show will continue for at least another 2 and a half seasons. According to this interview of Matt and Trey, in which their musical is the main topic, they have a contract with Comedy Central that lasts through 2013:

at this point, with just eight days left before the premiere, that’s [restoring the reputation of Broadway is] the last thing on the writers’ minds. Parker dreams of taking a vacation “somewhere in the Caribbean,” while Stone just wants to “go look at a wall and check out.”

He won’t have long to do so. A week after they leave New York around March 28, the pair hurtles [sic] into the 15th season of South Park, part of a new pact with Comedy Central that keeps the show on the air through 2013 and is said to be even richer than their previous $75 million deal. They’ll have just one week to create each episode, with no time to prep.

If this article is correct, then the 15th season will conclude in the Fall of 2011, there will be a 16th season in 2012 and a 17th in 2013. What direction the show will take, however, is not clear.