Why Do The Democrats Want You To Buy Viagra For Sex Offenders?

Why do Democrats want tax-payers to buy Viagra and other related drugs for sex offenders?

Democrats killed an amendment by Republican Sen. Tom Coburn to prevent the newly created insurance exchanges from using federal money to cover Viagra and other erectile dysfunction drugs for rapists, pedophiles and other sex offenders. The amendment failed 57-42.


Ben Nelson – Sell-out

The Dems have 60 votes for Obamacare thanks to the latest of a dozen or so “moderate” Democrats who have sold out their constituents and real moderate values in the face of intimidation and back-room deals, Ben Nelson.

Nelson disclosed his decision as Majority leader Harry Reid unveiled a final series of changes to the measure, including concessions abortion, funding for Nebraska and more.


Some Obamacare Videos

Quid Iuris?

The Nobel commission awarded Obama the Peace Prize, but

Does the Constitution allow him to accept the award?


8th Anniversary of 9/11/01

It’s the first 9/11 anniversary that America has seen without the commander-in-chief who kept us safe since that horrible day.


Reimbursement for Not Using Emergency Rooms

Obama has the gall to state that I put an extra burden on the wallets of my fellow Americans by exercising my freedom to choose whether or not to purchase a health insurance plan:


Hard Times Hit Hell: Satan Collects Debt From Kennedy

Everyone already knows about the recent economic struggles that the living are facing these days. But what about the Prince of Darkness?

It seems that even Satan is having to lay off a few of his loyal servants in order to make ends meet. Just yesterday Satan had to discharge Ted Kennedy from his duties which included disgracing his Catholic heritage by being one of the most pro-abortion members of the Senate. Kennedy’s soul was also repossessed by Beelzebub in accordance with the contract between him and Senator Kennedy 40 years ago at Chappaquiddick, the terms of which stated that Kennedy shall get away with murder and keep his Senate seat for no less than 40 years and no more than 50 as long as he becomes a champion of abortion while he lives and in death he shall be condemned to the Halls of Hades for no less than an eternity and no longer than an eternity.

This is a high-value soul for Satan, and with the inevitable demise of the corrupt Kennedy clan and their influence on American politics, U.S. citizens will be able to move forward and get the U.S. economy and health care system back on track without an agent of the Devil moiling about in the government, thinking he’s more “progressive” than everyone else because he was born into a family with a superiority complex.