Startling revelations:

U.N.: Bombed Syrian facility had nuclear reactor features

WASHINGTON – A Syrian facility that Israel bombed last year had similarities to a nuclear reactor and chemically processed uranium particles were found at the site, but a final determination can’t be made until Syria provides “the necessary transparency,” a new U.N. International Atomic Energy Agency report out Wednesday says.

“The onus of this investigation is on Syria ,” said a senior U.N. official, who requested anonymity because the report is confidential.

A separate IAEA report says that Iran has persisted in stymieing the agency’s probe of its nuclear program and continues to defy U.N. Security Council demands to suspend uranium enrichment, a process that can produce fuel for nuclear weapons.

Wow. These both come as a shock. Who would have thought that the Syrian facility that Israel bombed last year was anything even resembling a nuclear facility?

As for the “news” regarding Iran, this is totally out of character for the Islamic Republic:

What’s With This Guy?

Omar Bin Laden+Jane Felix-Browne

Omar Osama bin Laden and Wife

Omar Osama bin Laden is at it again. This time he’s “seeking asylum” in Spain with his new British wife:

Omar Osama bin Laden, 27, is being held in Madrid’s Barajas Airport after arriving in the Spanish capital on a Moroccan-bound flight from Egypt.

Omar, toyboy husband of a grandmother-of-five previously known as Jane Felix-Browne, is reported to be in the transit hall of the airport’s newly-built terminal four.

He is expected to remain there while Interpol confirms his identity and officials consider his asylum claim.

Spanish newspaper El Pais said authorities had decided to process his case ‘speedily.’


From Hostage Taking to Plagiarism

Oh, what a change 30 years has caused in Masoumeh Ebtekar. Formerly know for her role in the Iran hostage crisis she’s moved on to plagiarism. From Cognition and Language Lab:

It appears that one of the plagiarists caught by Harold Garner’s Deja Vu web database, “author” of a paper, 85% of which was stitched together from five papers by other researchers, is Massoumeh Ebtekar, former spokeswoman for the militant students that held 52 Americans hostage in the US Embassy in Tehran during the Carter administration, former vice-president under Mohammad Khatami, and current member of the Tehran City Council.

This is further proof that hostage taking is a gate-way act of terrorism (if you will) that can lead to more extreme acts, such as plagiarism, in the future.

Support Bill Ayers? (!)

Is this real? I don’t know if it is or not.

Sadly, it probably is:

It looks as if a lot of university professors support an unrepentant terrorist (yes, that’s right, I’m characterizing him as an unrepentant terrorist) who even Obama has denounced.


(H/T – Flypaper)

New McCain Ad: ‘Ayers’

From Little Green Footballs.

Charles at LGF reports that Obama supporters

are playing games at YouTube again. This video—from the campaign of a presidential candidate!—has now been flagged as “inappropriate” and you need to confirm your birth date before viewing. Amazing.

Inappropriate? Please. Obama’s folks are really trying to cover something up here. Why else would they go through all these extreme measures?

Who is “Barack Obama”?

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LGF also has a link to Obama’s recent statement regarding Ayers and the blog adds the following commentary:

he cleared up nothing at all. This is the same tactic he used to defend and excuse his association with Rev. Jeremiah Wright, until Wright’s embarrassing public statements forced Obama to renounce him.

Ayers, meanwhile, has sequestered himself and is not talking to anyone. He won’t make the same mistake Wright made, and mouth off in public-although that didn’t seem to worry him much before Obama was running for president.

The media sent teams of reporters to dig through Alaskan dumpsters to find dirt on Sarah Palin, but they’re completely uninterested in finding and interviewing William Ayers.

Here’s what LGF links to regarding Ayers before Obama’s candidacy:

One of the Weatherman leaders was Bernardine Dohrn, a smart, magnetic figure who, in part because of her penchant for miniskirts and knee-high boots, was dubbed “La Pasionaria of the Lunatic Left” by FBI director J. Edgar Hoover. After a bomb exploded accidentally and killed three of their colleagues, Ayers and Dohrn “hooked up,” in the parlance of the day, and, since 1982, they have been married. This—violence, death, and white-hot rhetoric—is his past and Ayers insists he has no regrets. “I acted appropriately in the context of those times,” he says.

Why is Obama lying about past associations with terrorists? Why won’t he come clean?

Barack Obama, not ready to lead.

Obama and His Pals William Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn or The Weather Underground

Via Hot Air:

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A Good Point

Yuval Levin of The Corner on NRO makes a very good point:

Very soon after she was picked to be McCain’s running mate, Sarah Palin was attacked by Obama campaign spokesmen and a Democratic member of Congress for once being seen wearing a Pat Buchanan button. She had an answer and the campaign offered it. Yet now we are asked to believe that it’s somehow inappropriate to inquire why Barack Obama’s political career began in the home of an admitted and unrepentant domestic terrorist of the radical left?

I was concerned for about 5 minutes when I first heard about Palin wearing a Buchanan button, however, it only took about 5 minutes to find out that she was merely welcoming him to Alaska and, in fact, she was backing Forbes. The Obama/Ayers relationship has been shrouded in secrecy by the Obama campaign; they have done everything in their power to make the subject taboo. We all know what happens when people to start inquire about the folks Obama pals around with, for example, the radical, Marxist, extremist, Jeremiah Wright. Obama attended Wright’s sermons and was close friends with the man for 20 years until Obama threw him under the bus because of bad publicity. I wonder what Obama’s hiding now…