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Spencer Speaks About Islam | UPDATED: More Explication of Fitna

Many Muslims don’t like Robert Spencer.

I can’t imagine why? There is nothing that he says in this clip that is not factual.

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If anyone disagrees with the assertion I made above, I request that he or she kindly point out Spencer’s mistake.


Whaaaa! EU is Sad


The European Union on Friday joined the Dutch government in condemning ‘Fitna’.

Hans-Gert Poettering, the President of the European Parliament, condemned the publication of the movie and said he rejects the film’s stance that Islam is a violent religion.

“This is very regrettable,” he said in an interview at the end of a two-day meeting in Athens between representatives from parliaments in Europe and the Mediterranean, known as the EuroMed parliamentary assembly.

Watch the video:


Ban Ki-moon’s and Omar Bakri’s Reaction to Fitna

Last night Melo found that the UNĀ has spit in the face of anything true and real, for:

U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon on Friday condemned as ā€œoffensively anti-Islamicā€ a Dutch lawmakerā€™s film that accuses the Koran of inciting violence.

The Dutch lawmaker is, of course, Geert Wilders, and Fitna is the “film.”ā€ Ā Melo added that she herself would not

(more…) Pulls Fitna

But I’ve posted it, and it will be available for download here shortly. says this:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

However the video is still available at other locations, such as Google Video (for the time being at least).

Well, here it is:


Update on the IslamOnline Interpretation of The Homicide in Denmark

In my post Danes Kill MuslimĀ Teen I state:

3 Danish teens harassed and killed another teenager of Turkish origin.

According to IslamOnline:

[A] Muslim community leader, believes the racist attack is directly linked to an Islamophobic atmosphere in the Scandinavian country fanned by the recent reprinting of the prophet cartoon.

And IslamOnline has no problem leaving it at that.

However, (more…)

Danes Kill Muslim Teen

3 Danish teens harassed and killed another teenager of Turkish origin.

“Deniz Ozgur Uzun was killed because of his dark, Middle Eastern skin,” Jihad Abdelalim Alfara, the chairman of the Islamic Council in Denmark, told


Capital One Style Muslim Hordes

In Copenhagen, Danish Muslims have been outraged over the recent decision to reprint cartoons that offend their fragile little beliefs.


The BBC reports that:

Protestors marched in the capital’s streets shouting “God is Great!” and “Freedom of speech is like a plague!”