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ABiH Commander Rasim Delic Convicted of War Crimes Against Bosnian Serb Soldiers

When it comes the despicable acts and events that occurred in the 1990s in the fighting between Serbs and Bosnians, I don’t have much sympathy for the ultra-nationalist Serbs. Today, when I hear of Serbian war criminals surrendering to international tribunals, I’m relieved and happy that at least some of those responsible for war crimes will have to appear in court for their actions. But we must keep in mind that as the violence escalated, atrocities and immoral acts were committed by both sides. Bosnian Muslims and mujahideen from around the world fought in the name of Islam, and some are guilty of war crimes. Ultimately, though, it is the leaders who are held accountable, for example, the case with Rasim Delic.