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Egyptian Author Speaks About Muslim Sex Offenders and Oppression of Women

Vodpod videos no longer available. from israelmatzav

This video pertains to an earlier post about repressing sex crimes. How Muslim pedophiles are using ‘Islamic’ principles to get out of owning up to their deviancy: Muslim Pedophiles Seek Preferential Treatment on Grounds of Faith

It also relates to role of the hijab in society and the influence of al-Azhar fundamentalists.


I now see that this was just transcribed by MEMRI TV (I originally thought it was older, for these videos usually take a few days at least to get uploaded on LiveLeak), here are some excerpts:


Oh, brother… I found this on a Muslim blog…

Hijabis: Don’t give in to Shaytan!


Good Goin’ France

Well, the French had to go ahead and make a law banning the Muslim hijab from public schools. Why? Who knows, maybe they thought Muslims would simply stop wearing the thing…