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Ahmadinejad: The Countdown For The Decline Of America’s Demonic Power Has Begun

Barack Obama’s Persian pal Mahmoud Ahmadinejad rallies up the Iranian spirit for a hearty round of the classic chant “Death to America.”

This must be one of the issues that Obama wishes to discuss with the Iranian Islamofascist. (more…)

McCain Hits The Nail on The Head

Barack Obama has been arguing, in an affront to reason and all common sense, that somehow legitimizing the claims of Iranian psychopaths will deter their aiding terrorists throughout the Middle East:

the fact that we have not talked to them means that they have been developing nuclear weapons, funding Hamas, funding Hezbollah. We have had no impact whatsoever as we pursue our policies.”



The fact that we have not talked to Iran implies that they have been developing nukes and funding terrorists?


This Is Why You Don’t Talk to HAMAS

Or Iran, for that matter.

Jimmah. Obama.

Watch: (more…)

Anti-Israel Rallies

Check out these ignorant moonbats and apologists rally against Israel.

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Hey, Palestinian-Americans…

Iran TV Cartoon

Here’s another pathetic piece of Iranian propaganda.

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Images From Iran

I was on YouTube and I saw a video called “Images From Tehran”

I liked it so much that I decided to put together a video response. On the off chance that the creator of “Images From Tehran” forgets to accept my response, or, for one reason or another, my video isn’t linked under his (maybe as a rule, he just doesn’t accept responses from anybody), here are both videos:


Tension Grows in Lebanon

Yesterday I was wondering if Hezbollah was making a move to take over the government, this was based off speculation in a report on the “protests” in Lebanon.

Well, today it seems things have escalated and a full-on confrontation between the Pro-Evil organization Hezbollah and the Lebanese government is just around the corner: (more…)