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MPACUK: One Step Away From Making Takfir

Every time I check in to see what our good buddies at MPACUK are up to I find more borderline extremist rhetoric. For example, in this rant the MPACUK radicals accuse Muslim authorities in Britain of failing to live up to their duties as Muslims. The proof that this is the case? Well, because Islam does not dominate all of Britain of course! How else could an Islamophobe be elected? Yes, MPACUK seems to be just about ready to pronounce Muslim authorities kuffar and subject them to the treatment of apostates:

Boris Johnson called Islam “the problem” and has now been elected Mayor of London. Islam is not the problem. Boris Johnson is not the problem. Our Muslim leaders ARE the problem.


MPACUK: You’re Either With Us, Or You’re With The BNP

I guess the insane Brothers over at MPACUK have more in common with GWB than they thought:

The BNP gained a major victory, winning power with its first ever seat on the 25 member London Assembly by the narrowest of margins – just 0.3% – that’s approximately 6,500 votes. Every single Muslim who did not vote against the BNP is responsible for the fact that this racist Islamophobic party has now gained power over the lives of nearly 1 million Muslims in London. (more…)

Is Nothing Sacred?

Disturbing news from the Brothers at MPACUK:

Zionists’ Secret Plan To take Over Wikipedia!

A pro-Israel pressure group is orchestrating a secret, long-term campaign to infiltrate the popular online encyclopedia Wikipedia to rewrite Palestinian history, pass off crude propaganda as fact, and take over Wikipedia administrative structures to ensure these changes go either undetected or unchallenged. A series of emails by members and associates of the pro-Israel group CAMERA (Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America), provided to The Electronic Intifada (EI), indicate the group is engaged in what one activist termed a “war” on Wikipedia.

That’s right. The Zionist-Crusaders have moved to the internet. MPACUK has copies of Zionist emails that have prove the malicious intent of the Zionists. Thanks to the Electronic Intifada for exposing the Zionists! Masha’Allah!

Just look at what the Zionists plan on doing:


Fascists at MPACUK Issue Latest Marching Orders

The Islamic extremists at the Muslim Public Affairs Committee United Kingdom (MPACUK), who in the past have pleaded that “Allaah purify it [al-Masjid al-Aqsa] from the brothers of monkeys and pigs[hint: they mean Jews – konservo] and have called for “The Hunt for 8 Sufi Zio-Con Frauds,” have made their latest commands known:


MPACUK Pushes For Islamofascism

At least that’s what I gather from this post (make sure to read the comments😉 ). It seems that MPACUK is trying to interject political Islam (i.e. Islamofascism) into a non-political event.


MPACUK Gets It Right!

I’m shocked, truly astonished.

MPACUK, the British Muslim extremist apologists and terrorist sympatizer group, took the words right out of my mouth:


Damn, I can’t believe MPACUK posted this

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