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Congressional Candidate Tony Zirkle Speaking to ANSWP on Hitler’s 116th Birthday

Here’s a video of the speech that Congressional candidate Tony Zirkle gave to the American National Socialist Workers Party on Adolf Hitler’s 116th birthday. I mention this at the end of this post.

The basic points of his speech are the following:


Neo Nazi Anti-immigration Rally turns Violent [UPDATE] Big Ol’ Nazi Post

I put this post up a few hours ago, but as I started trolling around the interwebs I discovered that, due to my being so busy the couple of days, I missed out on Hitler’s B-day. So here’s a big ol’ Nazi post of some disgusting people and politicians. But first, the shananigans of the anti-Nazis/neo-Stalinists:

– – – –

Here’s a disappointing event.

Crazed leftists get violent with police and break laws while trying to disrupt a Neo-Nazi protest against immigration.

Why are these idiots making me state the following?


The BNP = Racist?

Not so, says blogger “Lionheart,” who has recently received some attention on the web for being under investigation for allegedly posting hate-speech on his blog. Lionheart says:

I used to think the BNP = Racists and because I have such close friends of different nationalities the BNP = Racists stuck in my mind so I knew it was something to avoid like the plague because I was not a racist.

It was not until I started to look myself because of certain situations rather than listen to what I heard on the TV or in newspapers did I see that everything they stood for was something I agreed with.

The preservation of my British identity, history, culture and the way of life that I had grown up with. How could that possibly be wrong from an Englishman’s perspective?

I then continued reading between the lines and could quite clearly see that this was not a racist Nazi party that I had always perceived because of the false reality enforced upon me through the media.

I use the analogy of a lifeless seed that is planted and over time evolves and grows into a beautifully scented Rose.

This party was planted afresh with new roots once Nick Griffin took over the leadership of the party and it has evolved and is evolving into a political party for the British people reflecting modern life in Britain in the 21st Century and the serious issues facing our communities and country, also realising that our society is now a multi ethnic society.

I don’t mean to sound like I’m attacking Lionheart, but I know that the attention he is receiving right now may lead some to accept his position here prematurely. I said in a previous post about Lionheart that

I’ll admit, he says “Moslem” where I would say Islamist. But I don’t see any misinformation from my readings so far.

But when it comes to the BNP, I’ll have to disagree with him. Here’s why:


Breaking News From the Paulosphere

ron_paul_070507_ms.jpgIn case you have not seen the pictures of Ron Paul shaking hands with racists, they can be seen here. There you see !Ron Paul! posing with Don Black the owner of the White Nationalist group “Stormfront,” one of the most overtly anti-Semitic and racist web-forums that can found. There are Stormfront chapters across the globe too, it’s not just a small splinter of the KKK, from Australia to Austria to Alexandria, VA you can find Stormfronters. So, why would !Ron! !Paul! associate with this scum?

I know you may be thinking that, hey, “How was crazy old Ron to know who it was he was meeting?”

Well, first of all, I’m 99.99% sure that Don Black would have introduced himself and don’t forget, in the second picture crazy Ron is signing a personal autograph to Derek, Don Black’s son. !Ron has refused to return the donation that Black made to his campaign and he also has failed to denounce the white-supremacist types (if you recall, he has already sort of denounced the troofers). Since ‘Dr.’ Ron Paul has not yet offered an explanation, the Paul-o-sphere has been in overdrive trying to come up with some plausible excuse. For instance, there’s the Daily Paul ! ! !


Paul Panders to Pot-Heads/Twoofers/Neo-Nazis: UPDATE – The Ron Paul Revulsion

Who supports Ron Paul? Well, drug users, Holocaust Deniers and Twoofers, it seems. Oh and don’t forget the…


Check Out This Cheezy !!!Ron Paul Ad

I saw it on this doucher’s blog. How do people take this guy seriously?