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No Negro Dialect

Harry Reid said of Barack Obama back in 2008 that he is electable because he is:

“light skinned… with no Negro dialect, unless he wanted to have one.”

Now that this is news, Reid has apologized to Obama and blacks.


Reid’s comment only displays his own backwards way of thinking, referring to blacks as “Negroes.” He says nothing disparaging about Obama, unless Obama resents the implication that he would use different manners of speaking to suit his own aspirations, that is, unless Obama resents the implication that he is a politician.

Reid should apologize to the American people. The soon to be former Senator clearly thinks that Americans are too racist to elect a dark-skinned politician with a “Negro” dialect.

Is McCain Racist?

Possibly. But hitherto all we know is that he’s cynical.

So why all the charges of racism?

Let’s take a look at some of the charges with an eye out for a common thread or line of reasoning that seems to be coherent and based on empirically verifiable data (e.g. McCain’s words and conduct).


Is Obama Racist?


And he’s a bit confused. Here are some of his words:

I think a university or a college should be able to take into account race, but they should also be able to take into account class and hardship and difficulty in making assessments about whether or not a young person is deserving of opportunity.

Obama’s ideology stems from a false premise, namely, that American institutions are inherently and by nature biased against those of a certain race or races or “class” (whatever he thinks “class” is in today’s America). (more…)

Ron Paul’s Time Machine Mega Money Mania



H/T – Charles at LGF

Mr. Ahamenijad’s Road-trip

The Islamic Republic of Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad meet with anti-Zionist leaders first thing when he arrived in New York today:

Iranian president’s NY visit sparks protests

This may seem questionable to some, but other than that it was a great day for free-speech! As Ahmadinejad lied about his policy in regards to women’s rights:


A Note on Racism and Affirmative Action

Originally affirmative action laws were instated to abolish race-conscious preferences in the spheres of employment, education, and government allotted contracts; however the goal of equal opportunity was soon overlooked, and affirmative action came to mean equal representation. However, laws that force racial and sexual diversity by means of preferential treatment regardless of merit or qualification overstep the rights afforded to all American citizens and trample the fundamental principles of our society. Preferential laws have proven to fall far short of ‘remedying’ the poverty and poor education in minority populations. Have affirmative action policies as critical a role in our society as supporters (such as the ACLU and the Rainbow Coalition) would have us believe?