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Ron Paul’s Time Machine Mega Money Mania



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Ron Paul: Abe Lincoln = Bad

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Ron Paul Supporters Question at Rose Bowl

Crazy Ron Paul supports still think he’s a truther, and he may very well be, we just don’t know, and that’s part of the problem.

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Crazy Ron on Bhutto: It’s America’s Fault!

bhutto.jpgPakistan, a country infested with radical Islamists, a country in possession of nuclear weapons over which the United States keeps a close watch, and a country in which sworn enemies of the United States reside. al-Qaida is claiming responsibility for the murder of Benazir Bhutto, citing as a motive the fact that Bhutto was on good terms with America and was a sign of Pakistan’s emergence from the archaic savagery which the AQ brand of Islamic law attempts to establish:


Another Clip of Crazy Ron!

Ron Paul is a cowardly fool.

Breaking News From the Paulosphere

ron_paul_070507_ms.jpgIn case you have not seen the pictures of Ron Paul shaking hands with racists, they can be seen here. There you see !Ron Paul! posing with Don Black the owner of the White Nationalist group “Stormfront,” one of the most overtly anti-Semitic and racist web-forums that can found. There are Stormfront chapters across the globe too, it’s not just a small splinter of the KKK, from Australia to Austria to Alexandria, VA you can find Stormfronters. So, why would !Ron! !Paul! associate with this scum?

I know you may be thinking that, hey, “How was crazy old Ron to know who it was he was meeting?”

Well, first of all, I’m 99.99% sure that Don Black would have introduced himself and don’t forget, in the second picture crazy Ron is signing a personal autograph to Derek, Don Black’s son. !Ron has refused to return the donation that Black made to his campaign and he also has failed to denounce the white-supremacist types (if you recall, he has already sort of denounced the troofers). Since ‘Dr.’ Ron Paul has not yet offered an explanation, the Paul-o-sphere has been in overdrive trying to come up with some plausible excuse. For instance, there’s the Daily Paul ! ! !


Twoofers Come Out of the Woodwork!

As you may know on occasion some… uh… less than mentally stable blogs link to DjK for whatever reason. For instance, Club Conspiracy linked to the clip of Randi Rhodes raving and ranting about Black Water. This is how we learned about the concept of ‘Jewish Fire,’that’s right, ‘Jewish Fire’ Club Conspiracy are real anti-Semitic-a-holes. Club Conspiracy will be closing, by the way, if they don’t find someone to take over moderation responsibilities who is willing to cough-up the 100 bucks required to keep the domain name. LOL, get lost Club Conspiracy!

Anyway, here’s a post from (Can you handle the real truth):