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Saturday Night Live CSPAN Auto Bailout Skit

I noticed some traffic looking for an SNL satire post, thinking it was odd that people would be interested in a clip that is now either a month or two months old, I did a search and found that SNL had aired a skit about the “Big Three” auto bailout hearings. However, I could not seem to find an upload of the video, apparently because Saturday Night Live offended the wrong people (?). Anyway, I found it today, and uploaded it myself.

Below you will find the video and the embed code (in case you want to post it on your own blog or webpage):

NOTE: Sorry about the delay. WordPress was acting weird and I was not about to get the SNL automaker bailout sketch uploaded until recently.

Saturday Night Live: Bailout Press Conference Satire

Here’s the video of SNL‘s satire of press conferences that we have seen in the past few weeks regarding the “economic crisis.” I love the ending with George Soros. Apparently the video has been pulled from the MSNBC website. Some speculate that Soros has something to do with it… I guess we’ll have to find out. Anyway, I found it, downloaded it, uploaded it to WP so here it is:

If you want to see another recent SNL political sketch, check out their satire of the VP debate at Bored Melo’s blog: SNL does the vp debate right